Hi I’m Tyler – and I want to be your voice!

Character Demo

Commercial Demo

So, you need a voice.

Your game or show is shaping up! Just a few pieces left and it will be ready for the world. But you need a voice for your character, and not just any voice, a friendly character to help the protagonist, a nerdy tech guru, a caring friend, or a villain plotting the heroes demise, a monster happily gurgling the players downfall, or the hero to defeat them. Let me help bring your creation to life!

Your company is airing a new spot. The copy is ready, checked and double checked, it’s perfect. But words on a page can’t speak through a radio or through the speakers of a TV, and text on a screen isn’t terribly engaging. I’m here to make finding a voice for your company fun and easy. With a fresh, fun, and trustworthy voice I can bring the words of your commercial to life so the rest of the world can see how truly awesome your company is.